2020 Session Postponed

2020 Session Postponed

The Board of Directors of the Quebec conference met on May 24 2020 and voted to postpone the Quebec conference session from Sept 25-27 2020 to Sept 24-26 2021. The action was based on the following reasons:

  1. As a result of the Covid-19 restrictions, preventing gathering in churches, the delegate selection process to the conference session has encountered serious challenges. Whereas some smaller churches managed to select their candidates virtually, most of our larger churches were unable to organize duly called business meetings using virtual platforms.
  2. Quebec, being the worst affected province, continues to register substantial daily increases in Covid-19 cases. Whereas gradual de-confinement measures have been announced by our government to restart the economy, no date has been projected for the re-opening of churches for public gatherings.
  3. Even if the churches and large gatherings are permitted to re-open in the near future, the process will most likely be gradual with strict social distancing rules. This is heightened by the fear that the situation could worsen and trigger a new closure. This makes it impossible to predict what September 2020 will look like.


Meanwhile the following contingency three-step plan was adopted by the Board.

  1. To fine-tune our ministry and mission through our departments, pastors and churches to correspond to the current situation. The Conference administration will work with the departmental directors to come up with an action plan.
  2. To monitor the financial situation. The Finance Committee will meet regularly to assess the situation and update the Board whenever necessary.
  3. To ask the Conference administration to work with the SDACC, NAD, and provincial lawyers to come up with a contingency plan to ensure 2021 session happens as planned. Consideration will be given to all potential solutions, including a virtual session, in all its legal and practical aspects.

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our faithful members who are supporting the Quebec Conference through their prayers, dedication, and resources. By God’s grace we hope to come out of this crisis with stronger faith, a deeper sense of unity, and better equipped to fulfill our mission to the glory of God.


Please share this message with all your church members through all available means.

May God bless each of our churches, and each individual member.