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By Tania Assigbley

May 4-5 was an important moment for the Seventh-day Adventist Church – Quebec Conference. We had the tremendous pleasure of organizing our first-ever congress dedicated to communication under the powerful theme “Communicating the Gospel Today.

Over time, communication has taken on an increasingly central role in our churches.

How do we think strategically about communication? How do we equip ourselves effectively? How can we manage social networks and the “Brand of the Church” while remaining faithful to the mission of evangelization?


These and many other questions were answered at this memorable conference attended by 140 enthusiastic participants.

Unrivaled specialists 

Communication specialists shared their expertise with passion. Among them were Pastor Evaldo Vicente, Director of Communications for the Adventist Union of Canada, accompanied by his assistant, Pastor Douglas Pereira, and Bianca Madanat, Account Executive for the Adventist Church in Canada and representative of Risk Adventist Management.
Pedro Torres, director of Il Est Écrit Multimédia, and Nadine Félissier and Tania Assigbley also enlightened the workshops with their various experiences.


Communicating the Gospel today…where we are

The messages delivered in the sermons and workshops emphasized the
importance of remaining sensitive to our constantly changing environment in
Quebec and in our communities.

Each workshop demonstrated how, through effective communication, we can
bring the message of Christ our Savior to the diverse communities with which we

Participants learned about the necessity of presenting the Gospel in a relevant and engaging way, in line with the real interests and needs of people today.

One, two, three, ready, let’s communicate differently!

We have so much to offer our communities and our province. Being at the forefront and diversifying our communication strategies and tools are essential stepping-stones to amplify the message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Quebec.

Jesus gave us a clear mission in Matthew 28:19: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. (NKJV)

As missionaries, let’s be intentional in all our communications.

From left to right: Pastor Douglas Pereira, Susana De Madariaga, Pastor Marc Bouzy, Sara Therlonge, Tania Assigbley, Pastor Evaldo Vicente, Nadine Félissier, Pastor Pedro Torres

More events to come?

The Quebec Conference Communications Department is already planning
another Communication Congress in 2025.

Stay tuned for more news!

These photos take you back to the best moments of the communications congress!  

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