Five (5) questions to ask yourself each year regarding Risk Management

Risk Management must now be incorporated into our financial review.

Here are 5 questions we now need to answer EACH YEAR.

#1a (YES or NO): Does your church or school have an elected Safety officer?
If YES, what is his/her name?
#1b (YES or NO): Does your church have nominated a Safety Commission?
If YES, What are the names of those who are members of that commission?

#2 (YES or NO): Has a Self-Inspection of your premises been conducted?
If YES, date (the self-inspection was) conducted?
If YES, has the self-inspection report with recommendations brought to the church board? Date Reported to the board?
(Such a self-inspection form exists as a check list of audit items)

#3 (YES or NO): Has your church conducted an Emergency Drill?
If YES, date Conducted?
If YES, type of Drill? Fire? Active Shooter? Etc.

#4 (YES or NO): Has the treasurer a current copy of the property Statement of Values (SOVs) with its latest repairs and acquisitions for insurance purposes?
If YES, did you transmit it to the Quebec Conference?
(You can get the latest SOV version from the Conference, and update it so it becomes your most current version)

#5 (YES or NO): Does the Church own any 15 passenger vans?
If YES, is the Church using it?

For more information on managing risks in a local church, see the public section (no password required) of our webpage Resources – Risk Management: