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The Seventh-day Adventist Church – Quebec Conference, in collaboration with the Institute of World Mission, is pleased to invite you to the first edition of cultural diversity training weekend. 

The province of Quebec, in addition to being a vast territory, is also a highly diverse cultural pool in which different generations interact. Come and learn how to share the gospel to every nation, tribe, language and people under the guidance of a seasoned team, and become missionaries in your own community!  

The Institute of World Mission is the missionary training branch of the General Conference Secretariat. Through mission institutes, reintegration retreats, online mission courses and other types of training, they design learning curricula to help, among other things, grow spiritually, reason like a missionary and serve like Christ. As partners in cross-cultural service, their goal is to provide opportunities for ongoing learning and support.

 Save your spot at this enriching weekend by clicking on the following link!

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