Disaster Response Training – ADRA

The time to prepare for the next emergency is now!

In light of the increasing number of floods and tornadoes in the recent years, we would like to set up an intervention plan to be available for potential disasters.

The Disaster Response Training is a series of workshop, both theoretical and practical, that will touch on the following issues among others:

  • Emergency preparedness (personal, family and church)
  • Disaster Relief Program
  • Donation Management
  • ADRA rules and regulations

The workshops are given by Nicole and Alain Normand. A recipient of the national emergency management award, Alain is the Senior Manager of National Emergencies at ADRA Canada and the Emergency Manager in Brampton. He has spoken in conferences in Canada, the United States and In China.

During our last session, on the first weekend of October, about 50 participants learned how to prepare and prepare others in case of emergencies. We hope that you will join us next time.

Please note that our next training weekend will be from April 3rd to April 5th 2020

As we near this earth’s conclusion, we pray that God will equip and guide all those who wish to make a difference in troubled times .

God bless you,

… There shall be famine, and earthquakes, in diverse places…

See that ye be not troubled…  (Matthew 24: 7, 6)


Here is a typical training session agenda:

Préparation aux urgences /
Emergency Preparedness
Service de secours aux sinistrés /
Disater Emergency Response
Gestion des dons matériels /
Donation Management
Protocoles et règles de conduite / Rules & RegulationGestion de l'entrepôt / Warehouse Operations
Vendredi 17 h
Friday 5 p.m.
Samedi 13 h 30
Saturday 1:30 pm.m
Samedi 15 h 30 & Dimanche 9 h
Saturday 3: 30 & Sunday 9 a.m.
Dimanche 10 h 00
Sunday 10 a.m.
Dimanche 12 h 30
Sunday 12: 30 p.m.
La préparation personnelle, familiale, et de l’église pour les sinistres / How to prepare one's self, their family and their church to face emergenciesPrésentation sur le rôle d’ADRA / ADRA Canada DER Current Situation les opérations d’un centre de collecte des dons et les opérations de distribution d’urgence / Operations of a community collection center, a donations warehouse, and emergency distribution.Revue des règles de conduite et des attentes des services communautaires adventiste / Review of adventist community services entites' rules and regulationsEnseignement supplémentaire sur la gestion d’un entrepôt de dons / knowledge of the donations management system