Form – Waiting List

If you’re on this page, most probably it’s because the type of campground you are looking for is unfortunately no more available.

You are doing well to not neglect this option (of registering yourself on our waiting list) because it’s possible that someone have not completed his payment transaction, in which case a campground site would become available and we will prioritize this present waiting list according to the time you registered.

Select in the form below the type of campground and the nights you would like to book if a site becomes available, as well as your personal information for us to reach you.  After you will register, you will receive an Email acknowledging that we receive your request to be on our waiting list.

Indiquez l'église adventiste que vous fréquentez au Québec, à moins que vous soyez de l'extérieur du Québec ou simplement un visiteur. / Select the Adventist Church you're attending, unless you're from outside Quebec or a visitor.

COORDONNÉES / Contact Information

Si vous avez des questions à nous poser ou des commentaires à nous faire. / If you have questions for us or if you want to share commentaries.