Form NO electricity – Trailer up to 26 feet

Please note the 3-step transaction process you will need to take in order to reserve a camping ground:

STEP 1: Complete the form down below and click the “Envoyer / Submit” button.

  • You will then be redirected to the Paypal website.
  • You will receive a first e-mail (from the Conference website) with the information you have just provided.

STEP 2:  Enter your credit card information on the Paypal website to make your payment.

  • Paypal will confirm the amount paid with a message on the screen.
  • You will then receive a second e-mail (from Paypal this time) confirming your payment.
  • Paypal will redirect you to the Conference website.
  • YOUR CAMPING GROUND IS RESERVED BUT THE PROCESS IS NOT YET COMPLETED because you have not been assigned a camping ground number yet.

STEP 3: We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm that the Quebec Conference has received your reservation request and payment AND WE WILL ASSIGN YOU A CAMPING GROUND NUMBER ACCORDING TO OUR CURRENT AVAILABITIES.

Le FORMULAIRE D'INSCRIPTION pour réserver un emplacement de camping sera disponible à compter de mardi 18 juin 2019 à 10h00, et ne sera plus disponible quand la limite des places disponibles sera atteinte. /

The REGISTRATION FORM to reserve a campground site will be available starting Tuesday June 18th at 10:00 AM, and will be closed when the number of available campground sites reach its limit.


Les emplacements SANS électricité - Roulotte jusqu'à 26 pieds ne sont MALHEUREUSEMENT PLUS DISPONIBLES.

Soit que vous réserviez un autre type d'emplacement, soit que vous vous inscriviez sur une liste d'attenteNe négligez pas cette option de vous inscrire sur une liste d'attente parce qu'il est possible qu'après vérification de notre part, une personne pourrait ne pas avoir complété sa transaction de paiement, auquel cas nous aurions alors un emplacement libre à combler en fonction de la priorité d'inscription des personnes sur cette liste d'attente.

Pour vous inscrire sur une liste d'attente, cliquez sur ce présent lien.

Pour réserver un autre type d'emplacement de camping, cliquez sur ce lien.


The campground sites with NO electricity - Trailer up to 26 feet are UNFORTUNATELY NO MORE AVAILABLE.

Either you select another type of campground, either you register on a waiting listDon't throw away this option to register on a waiting list because it's possible that someone may have not completed the whole payment process of booking a campground site, which would mean that a site would be then available.  When this happens, we will use that waiting list and prioritize those who registered first.

To register of a waiting list, click on this link.

To book another type of campground, click on this link.