Itinerary details to get there

Updated Tuesday July 2nd, 2019 at 10:45 PM

Camping de la Rivière Nicolet
32, rang 16 Est, Wotton QC   J0A 1N0 (Google Maps).

TOTAL DISTANCE starting from the Louis H. Lafontaine tunnel in Montreal : 170 Km.

  1. Exit 173 of the 20 Highway (between Montreal and Quebec) for Highway 55 SOUTH toward Sherbrooke / Vermont (USA)
    • You just made 82 Km from the Lafontaine tunnel located in Montreal
  2. Exit 88 of the 55 Highway for the 116 EAST toward Richmond / Asbestos / Acton Vale
    • You just made 38 Km since you left the 20 Highway
  3. You are crossing the St-François River and are going through Richmond : after 3.2 Km, turn LEFT in order to continue on the 166 EAST toward Asbestos (instead of continuing on the 143 SOUTH)
  4. When getting close of Danville, at the first light, TURN RIGHT on Daniel-Johnson toward Danville (Centre-Ville).
    • You’re going through Danville …
    • You just made 20 Km since you left the 55 Highway
  5. Drive 17.2 Km on the 255 SOUTH until you reach the 216 EAST, then TURN LEFT toward Saint-Adrien.
    • At 0.6 Km, turn left, and immediately turn right on Water Street, toward Asbestos.
    • The indication showing that you are on the 255 SOUTH appears only after 2.8 Km.
    • Follow no more the indication to go to Asbestos. Hence, at 7.0 Km, DO NOT TURN RIGHT to go to Asbestos.
    • At 8.3 Km, there’S a STOP: continue straight ahead toward Wotton 255 SOUTH.
    • After 15 Km, you will be on a straight road that goes down for a long time before going up: you will turn left at the top.
  6. Drive 1.8 Km on the 216 EAST, then TURN RIGHT at the top of the hill, at the first cross street (6e rang).
  7. Drive 2.7 Km on the 6e rang (do not follow the indications to go at Wotton), then TURN LEFT on the 7e rang (you are now leaving the asphalt road).
  8. Drive 1.7 Km on the 7e rang, then TURN RIGHT on the 16e rang.
    • You have left the asphalt road for an unpaved road.
  9. Drive 1 Km on the 16 rang, et the Camping entrance is on your right.

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