Constituency Meeting 2021

To all the Delegates of the Quebec Conference’s 2021 Session

Dear delegates,

On this page you will find documentation and resources to assist you in your role during the September 24-26 “Christ, our Hope Until the End” Session, as a well as a Frequently Asked Question section. Feel free to consult this page frequently as it will be regularly updated until the Session.

Delegate Manual and Financial Report

We are happy to provide you with the final version of the session manual so that you can start reading through the reports and have some details on the session program. The treasury has also been updated. You will also find a copy of the Financial Statements 2016-2020.

The documents are available  by clicking on the links below:

  1. Session Manual
  2. Financial Statements 2016-2020
  3. Proposed Bylaws Report
  4. General Conference Rules of Order

Zoom Meeting Registrations

As stated during our first preparatory meeting held on August 31, due to the virtual nature of the Session, and to preserve the integrity of the protocols that will be applied therein, you are required to register in advance for the Session Zoom meetings that will be held from September 24-26, 2021.

The Session will be separated into two Zoom meetings spread throughout three days: The first one will cover the Friday evening and the Saturday evening periods and the second one will run through Sunday.

You must register in advance for both meetings. Only those registered will be allowed in the meeting.

The two-step registration process is as followed:

  • You must create a (free) Zoom account associated with the email address you have used to receive information about the Session thus far. [If you already have a Zoom account associated with that address, please move on to step 2.] If you have a difficult time creating a Zoom account, please consult the following link:
  • You must register in advance for each of the two meetings using that same email address.

For more information about the registration process, we invite you to consult this video created for your intention:

As a delegate you will have received the registration link by email. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information on how to join the meeting. Please note that there might be a delay of few days between your registration and the confirmation as our team must first verify that the email address used corresponds to the one we have on file.

Constituency Meeting Broadcast

The Constituency meeting will take place as a virtual session using the Zoom platform. The Constituency Meeting Zoom session will be  available to delegates only, to preserve their voting rights. However, the business proceedings will be accessible for viewing via the Quebec Conference YouTube link:

On Sabbath, a special worship service has been planned for the delegates, but anybody is welcome to join the worship program.

The Sabbath program for September 25, 2021 will be as follows:

  • 9:30 – 10:40 AM – Sabbath School – Pr. Vaillant Youte
  • 10:50 – 12:15 AM – Worship servicePr. Claude Richli, General Conference Associate Secretary, former pastor and president of the Quebec Conference
  • 3:00 – 4:30 PM – Testimonies – Quebec Conference

Pre-Session Meeting Video

On Tuesday August 31 and Sunday September 12, the Quebec Conference organized pre-Session meetings so that the delegates could familiarize themselves with the processes that would be used during the Session (registration, voting and interpretation).

Click HERE to view our last preparatory meeting video.

Please note that the video is two hours long. However, you can select different time points in the video. The video is shown from a participant’s point of view and the comments collected in the chat room will appear on the left side of the screen.

Here are some Timestamps for your convenience

  • 00:40: Opening Prayer
  • 02:20: Delegate Physical Environment Expectations
  • 09:08: Zoom Interpretation Module Tutorial
  • 20:13: Zoom Registration Tutorial (French)
  • 24:10: Zoom Registration Tutorial (English)
  • 27:30: Participants Name on Screen
  • 30:55: Important Technical Aspects
  • 31:34: Interventions and Votes
  • 39:25: Voting Examples
  • 01:01:08: Q & A
  • 01:04:16: Voting Abstentions
  • 01:14:15: Session Process in Case of Technical Issues
  • 01:19:22: Time Limit for Votes and Interventions
  • 01:22:26: Alerting Non-Anonymous Votes
  • 01:23:06: Selecting a Language Channel Before Speaking
  • 01:29:16: Session Schedule
  • 01:33:35: Participants in Need of Technical Support
  • 01:36:06: (Not) Choosing an Interpretation Channel
  • 01:40:18: Delegate Resources
  • 01:43:50: Activation of Participants Camera
  • 01:47:16: Information in the Session Manual
  • 01:49:45: Participants in Need of Technical Support
  • 01:50:34: Importance of Using Latest Version of Zoom; Limitation of Mobile Devices
  • 01:55:52: President’s Closing Remarks
  • 01:56:00: Special Prayer Meeting for the Session
  • 01:57:50: Closing Prayer

Translation and Interpretation

All the resources offered during the Session will be available in French and in English. Furthermore, the Session Zoom meetings will be interpreted simultaneously through the Zoom interpretation module. For more information on the usage of the interpretation module, please consult our informative pdf document.

Zoom Interpretation Tutorial