Article Submission for the Conference Newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters, we call on you to take up the pen!

In order to share with us the announcements and news, the testimonies, joys and accomplishments of your local churches, we would like to encourage you to write them and send them to us. Your stories could encourage members from all over Quebec and strengthen their faith!

To do so, you can send us your works in two different ways: You can send us your articles and photos at or submit them through the online form below. Consult our writing guide for more information.

We can’t wait to read from you!

Article and Announcements Writing Guide



Language: Bilingual (One version in English and another one in French)

Length: About 50 words. You can also choose to send in a poster containing all the relevant information to your announcement

Picture: One (1) high resolution picture (at least 3 MB)



Language: Bilingual  (One version in English and another one in French)

Length: Between 300 and 500 words

Pictures: Several (at least two or three) high resolution pictures ( at least 3 MB)