New website

Welcome to the new website for the Seventh-day Adventist Church – Quebec Conference.

Launched on Friday December 14th, 2018, this new website is more user-friendly and modern to meet the following needs:

  • Bilinguism French – English integrated.
  • Drop-down menus.
  • Common standard look across all ministries and departments.
  • Private access to administrative documents and internal procedures.
  • Adaptable design to various screen sizes like smartphones.
  • Integration with our Adventist.NET central database for our list of churches and pastors.
  • Home page with a running scroll of our latest news and activities.
  • Web calendar (Trumba) allowing each ministry to show its own activities to come.
  • Standardized platform (WordPress) that gives access to many add-ins already designed and to many local resources.
  • Creation of various forms (registration, administrative reports, etc.).
  • Allow online purchases from within the registration forms.