Tips for Zoom Meetings

Has your Sabbath School class tried meeting with Zoom? Here are some tools to help

After two weeks of “social distancing”, it was so good to see the faces of my Sabbath School class again – via Zoom. We use Zoom regularly for work but this was my first time as host and we learned a few things that you might find helpful.

If you’re a Participant

1. Start muted

Allows you to enter quietly and “unmute” when you’re ready.

2. Mute when you’re not talking

Background noise (e.g. coughing, dog barking, keyboard clicking) can steal the “floor” and interrupt whoever is speaking.

3. Try Gallery view

Gallery view shows up to 49 people as smaller, thumbnail images – feels more like a group discussion and less like a presentation.

4. Turn off your video if it’s freezing

Video takes more bandwidth than audio. Turning your video off will allow you to still see and hear the class and participate.

If you’re the Host

1. Require a password

Google “zoombombing” if you think this is optional.

2. Mute participants on entry

You can set this ahead of time under Advanced Options when you schedule the meeting.

3. Feel free to start early or end late

Zoom will let you in early and it won’t kick you out if you go overtime. Thanks to Ken Norton for this tip.

4. Set sharing to “Only host”

Once the meeting starts, click the up-arrow beside “Share Screen”,  then choose Advanced Sharing Options.

Under “Who Can Share?”, choose “Only host”. Prevents friendly or accidental zoombombing.

5. “Mute all” to resolve a feedback emergency

Then you can use “Manage participants” to selectively mute anybody that doesn’t know how to.

6. Zoom Quebec Phone Number

If you are joining Zoom meetings by phone, please make sure that you call the Quebec local number 438 809 7799. This is especially important for those who do not have a Canada-wide or US long distance plan. If you are unsure about your home phone or mobile plan, please consult your phone service provider. This number should work even if it may not always be displayed in the invitation email because it is a Zoom access number. We suggest that you save this number into your phone and name it ZOOM QUEBEC and save it to your favorites as you are using it quite often. Hence, when you need to call in, you will only need the meeting ID and password (if applicable).

Zoom, zoom

Zoom is definitely a better way for Sabbath School classes to be #alonetogether. If you have any other tips, send to us at and we’ll add them to the list.

General Tips for Using Zoom

Security Guidelines for Using Zoom

Fore more useful information, check our COVID-19 resource page and the Communication Department page.