Webinar on Religious Freedom

We live in a time when human rights are a front-page topic. Human Rights Organizations focus on women’s and children’s rights, the rights of people with disabilities, the rights of refugees and indigenous people, the rights of education and religious freedom, and the right of all human beings to live with human dignity. In all this complexity of rights, what can be said about religious freedom? Is this freedom still important? We invite you to be part of this seminar to discuss why religious freedom matters.

Date: Saturday, March 27th, 2021

Time: 3 p.m.

Platform: Zoom

Speaker: Dr. Nelu Burcea

Dr. Nelu Burcea serves as the church’s liaison to the United Nations in New York and Geneva, and as its representative within the international community of civic and political leaders. His task is to continue developing relationships on
behalf of the church with various international institutions. He brings to the department a strong educational background and administrative skills, along with a long-term commitment to ministry and mission. Dr. Burcea is also an ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister, and has served as a local church pastor. Dr. Burcea has many educational credentials,
including a PhD in Economics specializing in Management Business Ethics, a Masters degree in Management of Business Development, and a Theology degree. He has also completed postgraduate study in Media and Marketing
and Diplomatic Protocol and Communication and a Postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University focusing on the area of religious freedom.