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Attention! Youth!
Welcome to the Pathfinders page, a club of activities for children from 10 to 15 years old (and more…). Pathfinders are young people who want to do good around them while having fun; they are children, specifically teenagers, who ask all sorts of questions, such as: “Who is God? The origin of man, creation or evolution? Etc.” and are not afraid to seek answers to their questions. These teens have energy to burn and they do so through sports, manual work, recreational activities, games, various outings, evangelization programs, etc.
What will you find on this page? Photos, and sometimes even videos of the different club outings, special encouragement messages for the youth, and a schedule of our various activities.

What will you find at the club? A short but comprehensive class tailored to each individual’s level, singing, laughter, games, and sports; educational and recreational outings; advices for a better life at all levels; but most importantly, a weekly meeting place with God and other youth like you.

So what are you waiting for to visit this page? And if all these things really interest you, come see us!

That’s not all…
There are similar programs for Curious Beavers and Adventurers, a club that brings together children from 0 to 5 years on one hand, and from 6 to 9 on the other hand.
Come on! Come!

Useful Links

Pathfinder Coordinators and Inspectors Training

Club Registration and Insurance Form

Bimestriel Adventurer’s Club Report

Adventurer’s Camporee

Master Guide Training

You can place order ONLINE for patches, pins, activity workbooks, etc. You will need a username and password to access it. Both are available and offered by the Pathfinder Ministry Secretary

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