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Prayer Ministry OBJECTIVE The Prayer Ministry’s objective is to transform all churches and all homes into houses of prayer. MISSION The main mission of the Prayer Ministry and it reinforce, strengthen, spiritually support any ministry,…

The Family Ministry department aims to achieve and be a source of inspiration for households, to bring healing to married couples, families, and individuals through the abundant love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The Health Department promotes a healthy lifestyle in the church and its social environment.

Our goal is to inspire women to reach their full potential in Christ, to train them to deepen their spiritual life and put their faith into practice, using their diverse gifts in his service, and thus having a significant role in hastening Christ’s return.

Personal ministry & Sabbath school The mission of Personal Ministries is to provide resources and train church members to join their efforts with those of the pastors and church leaders, and to participate in the…

Acting as a collaborator in managing their affairs on earth.

Bringing our message of hope and health centered on Christ to indigenous peoples.

Developing children’s faith by bringing them to unite with the church.

Growing and consolidating the personal relationship with God

Training in all areas of life so that everyone can shine in Christ.

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