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Recently, I had the honor of living a unique spiritual experience alongside Pastor Sylvain Duval. Our mission in the heart of South America, under the expert guidance of the Adventist Church’s support ministry, ShareHim, proved to be fertile ground for spiritual growth.

From October 24 to November 6, 2023, we witnessed deeply moving moments in Peru. One of the highlights of our journey was seeing young adults take their first steps in preaching the gospel. Despite initial stress caused by cultural differences and some technical issues, these young preachers shared the Word of God with vigor. Their missionary zeal and palpable joy testified to their dedication to spreading the love of Christ to as many as possible.

Our immersion in Seven Day Adventist life in Peru also contributed to broadening our overall understanding of the vitality of the Adventist Church in other territories. As the youth director, I was particularly moved by the remarkable commitment of young Adventists within the church. From a young age, Adventist youth take on crucial roles, such as leading small groups, teaching Sabbath School, and leading Bible classes. The discovery of the prominent presence of the Seven Day Adventist Church in the Peruvian region was also a notable aspect of this experience. With impressive statistics, such as the 5,000 members of the Adventist Church at the University of the Peruvian Union and the creation of 200 secondary schools in one year, the exponential growth and vitality of the Peruvian church were evident to all.


In a letter to our colleagues, Pastor Duval and I share our dream of seeing a group of young adults from Quebec also participate in this extraordinary experience in another corner of the world. We believe that such missionary trips will undoubtedly contribute to the spiritual awakening of our youth, as reported by several preachers at the end of their Peruvian experience.


In conclusion, this mission in Peru transcended the simple framework of a religious expedition. The trips organized by ShareHim are fantastic spiritual and cultural adventures that intensified my faith and commitment to the mission of the Adventist Church. The testimonies of the young evangelists and my own observations underscore the crucial importance of international missions for the spiritual development and active engagement of church members. This experience reinforces the call to continue supporting and participating in such missions, thereby shaping lives and spreading the dynamic Adventist community worldwide.


Pastor Teddy Bagassien
Director, Youth Ministries Quebec Conference of SDA

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