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Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Rimouski

Rimouski is a town of approximately 50, 000 people situated in the lower St. Lawrence region. Located three hours away from the national capital and about six hours away from Montreal, this little town exudes tranquility on the borders of the world’s greatest estuary which, at its highest point, reaches 50kim in width.

Although there is not yet an Adventist congregation in Rimouski, faith in Jesus’s return is quite alive in the hearts of many people. Some of them have been Adventist for a long time and have lived in the area for some time such as Dr. Pierre- Paul Lemelin and his wife Josée. Recently, the arrival of many students and immigrants has raised the number of Adventist members. As a result, my family and I came to worship the Creator with sixteen other adults and children in a hotel in Rimouski on Sabbath, September 28th, 2019

After Sabbath School and worship service, we had a interesting conversation about the future of this group. These brothers and sisters usually meet at the Lemelin’s but not all of them own a vehicle. Furthermore, the Lemelins live in Mont Joli which is 30 minutes away from Rimouski. Every Sabbath, the Lemelin family must therefore pick up and drop off all their brethren. As their numbers grow, this becomes quite the challenge. For example, there is Florine, originally from Rwanda, who does not yet speak French and has six children. Children and mother can never attend a worship service on the same Sabbath.

Our brothers and sisters in Rimouski would like to have a public space where they could meet regularly and or invite their friends and colleagues. They want to share brochures and pamphlets. They feel the need to connect more with the rest of the Adventist community in Quebec. Ideally, a guest preacher could come by once in a white or quarterly, during communion service. As they shared their desire to further the cause of the Gospel, they rejoiced when they were told of the possibility to offer their tithes and offerings online.

I left Rimouski with a greater conviction that there was much work to be done in the land of Quebec at large, and in Rimouski in particular. My colleague, Rémy Ballais, will head there in October to meet this group and probably hold a communion service. The challenge, however, is still present. Once again, the words of Jesus echo: The harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few. Let us pray that the Lord opens doors so that the good news of Jesus’ return might be preached with strength in Rimouski.

New Pastor: Luis H. Bon Jr.

Pastor Luis H. Bon Jr, is a newly appointed pastor of the Quebec Conference Seventh-Day Adventist Church hired directly from the Philippines. The two Filipino Adventist churches in Montreal, Mount-Carmel and Montreal Filipino, are glad to welcome him after the departure of their previous Pastor, Joseph Batiancila, recently called to ministry in Alberta.

Pastor Luis Bon was born in the town of Magallanes, in the province of Sorsogon, in the Philippines. He is the seventh eight children. At a very young age, his father, who was the head elder at their local church, trained him to preach. His teachings bore fruits for at the tender age of twelve, the young Luis Bon was chosen to be the first Filipino child preacher to preach during Sabbath School at the General Conference of 1985 in Louisiana. The following year, he was invited to speak at the 1986’s Expo Canada in British Columbia.

Heeding God’s calling to Ministry, he attended the Philippine Union College – Naga View Campus in 1987 for his secondary education and pursued Theology in Mountain View College, Malaybalay, Bukidnon in 1994. He obtained his Master’s degree in Religious Education from the Adventist University of the Philippines in 2000. He then joined the South Central Luzon Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist in October 2003 and after twelve years of serving as District Pastor, he became the Conference Evangelist in 2017. Pastor Bon also has experience in the fields of academy chaplaincy and Bible teaching.

He is now married to Beryl Reburiano-Bon, and they are blessed with two children: Gilbert and Erika Jan Louise. He is presently assigned to lead and nurture the Filipino Churches in Montreal. With God’s leading, the Holy Spirit’s providence, and with the help of the Filipino brethren, Pastor Bon envisions planting two new churches and organizing a Filipino District in the area governed by the Quebec Conference. The Conference is grateful to have him and can’t wait to see what the Lord accomplishes through his ministry.



Sabbath School Order Modification Deadline

Dear brothers and sisters,

Please note that your orders for Sabbath School Lessons cannot be modified after a certain date. Please refer to grid below for guidance.

Échéance/ Deadline Trimestre / QuarterPériode / Period
20 Au. 1Janv-Mar
20 Nov.2Avl-Jun
20 Fé. 3Jul - Sept
20 Mai4Oct- Déc


Church Safety and Risk Management

Risk Management is now part of the Financial Review of our local churches.

Find church safety information and resources that can help prevent losses and injuries at your church and during church-sponsored activities by going to

All churches throughout North America are encouraged to hold an annual safety drill during Safety Sabbath®. The official date of the next Safety Sabbath® is March 28, 2020.