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We affirm that Jesus Christ is not only our Savior but also the Lord of our lives.

Christian stewardship is the lifestyle of one who, having recognized Christ as his Savior, now accepts Christ as his Lord. He then walks in partnership with God, acting as his collaborator in managing his affairs on earth.

Our goals :

  • Promote the assimilation of the Gospel by the Christian.
  • Emphasize the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Encourage faithfulness in the management of all the “gifts of life”, including material goods.
  • Facilitate individual and collective applications of a life led with God.

It is a lifestyle, which includes the whole of Christian life and testimony ministry:

  • Resting on the Gospel.
  • Based on the assurance of salvation in Christ.
  • Incorporating the Lordship of Christ into the Christian’s life.
  • Seeking spiritual guidance.

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