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The Youth Ministry aims to grow and strengthen personal relationship with God, to support and encourage each other. The Adventist Youth Society is a department of the Church through which the Church works for the youth and through the youth.

The primary goal of the youth ministry is the salvation of young people through Jesus Christ. We understand the youth ministry as a work done for, with, and by young people.


  • Lead young people to understand their individual worth and to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and abilities.
  • Equip and empower young people for a life of service with God’s Church and with the community.
  • Ensure the integration of young people in all aspects of church life and in the ecclesial responsibility so that they fully participate in the mission of the Church.

a) Train young people to take action in favor of other young people.
b) Recruit young people to assist their church and “those who keep the sabbath.”
c) Encourage them to work ”for the good of those who do not share our beliefs.”

To achieve these goals, young people are called to:

a) pray together;
b) study God’s word together;
c) fellowship with one another through social activities;
d) put into action and carry out, together in small groups, well-prepared plans of testimony;
e) cultivate their tact, skill, and talents in service to the Master;
f) encourage each other in spiritual growth.

2023 Youth Retreat

2023 Youth Week of Prayer

April 2023 Youth Rallye

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