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Our goal is to inspire women to reach their full potential in Christ, to train them to deepen their spiritual life and put their faith into practice, using their diverse gifts in his service, and thus having a significant role in hastening Christ’s return. To serve with love and empathy by addressing the spiritual, physical, mental, and social needs of men, women, and children, while demonstrating and declaring God’s love to humanity. Our greatest goal is to glorify Him, and Jesus Christ crucified. Our mission, in a broader sense, is common to all Christians: to glorify Christ in the Church and the world.


Our goal is to glorify Jesus Christ, the crucified one, and to empower women to discover and use their leadership and ministries in the home, church, and local community. Through the transformative power of the Gospel, the strength of the department will be that of women. It strives to enrich and prepare women to recognize their value as human beings in Christ, and their role in the Church and society.

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