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A word from Marie-Émilie Lacroix, coordinator of the Native Ministries.

I come from Mashteuiatsh, on the shores of Lake St. Jean.

I am proud to be First Nations, to have the privilege in the church to share my culture and, of course, to help with the spiritual healing of our people. I believe that we must announce the love of Jesus through friendship. Our people have been manipulated, broken, cut off from this simple and natural relationship with the Creator. He manifested himself to some of our people in the past and a good amount of First Nations are Christians. There is much to be done but Jesus and the Holy Spirit are preparing the way for this new encounter.

I want to meet with churches to present our people truthfully, and prepare well-planned actions to respond to a need expressed by our Native brothers and sisters. Religion has destroyed them; the true faith in a loving Father must therefore be presented to them with caution.

A delicate mission that starts with your prayers and the encounter that has never taken place.

Marie Émilie.

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