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By Tania Assigbley

It is with great joy that we announce that our young pathfinders from the Lightning, French Lion of Judah, and Spanish Lion of Judah clubs won first place at the Bible Experience 2024. This event, organized by the North American Division, was held April 19-20, 2024, in Greeley, Colorado.


The purpose of the Bible Experience Contest is to promote and encourage in-depth study and memorization of the Bible by Scouts in order to deepen their understanding of Scripture and their relationship with Christ. Learn more about the Bible competition.

Learn more about the Bible Experience.

Things to know about Lightning club

  • Church:  Romanian SDA Church
  • Date of club creation: 2012
  • Total Number of Bible Experience Attendances since Club Begun: 12
  • Bible Experience victories since club’s creation: 9
Photo credit : North American Division Seventh Day Adventists
“This year was a special experience. We have learned many beautiful lessons that have strengthened our faith.

We discovered unity and the importance of paying attention on to every detail of God's Word!

We thank the parents and all those who supported us, prayed for us and encouraged the team to focus on the Word and not on the competition.

An experience to live, according to Lightning club, who will have fond memories for years to come!”
Galina Virlan
Lightning Club Coach
"Throughout our many Bible competitions, we've been blessed with involved parents, dedicated Master-Guides, and inspiring coaches.

This year, Galina Virlan and I took over. It was a great challenge, but with the Lord's help, it was an extraordinary experience!
We helped the children understand God's Word and grow in their knowledge through the books of Judges and Joshua.
Seeing their enthusiasm for the Bible and supporting them at every step rekindled my faith and strengthened my role as a parent and mentor.

I'm immensely grateful to God for this experience!"
Lilia Enache
Lightning Club Coach

Things to know about Lion of Judah French and Lion of Judah Spanish

  • Church: Saint-Henri Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Club creation date: 2017
  • Total Number of Bible Experience Attendances since Club Begun: 5
  • Bible Experience victories since club’s creation: 3
Photo credit : North American Division Seventh Day Adventists
As I reflect on our recent victory, my heart swells with joy, not only for the victory itself, but especially for the remarkable dedication our youth have shown in their study of the Bible.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the tireless efforts of the Quebec Conference in supporting our efforts. Their visit to our church in the middle of corn and wheat fields in the charming setting of St. Henri was a truly memorable moment.
Above all, I am deeply grateful to the Lord for giving us the opportunity to be part of this beautiful and enriching experience.
Wilmer Molina
Lion of Judah French and Spanish Clubs Coach

But that’s not all…

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the Quebec Pathfinders clubs that participated at the area, conference and union levels for their hard work and dedication. Special mention goes to : Bright Stars, Caleb, Crusaders, David, Genesis, Gédéon, Josué, Le Rocher, Lumen, Maranatha, Northern Lights, Othoniel and Phénix.

Pathfinders in these clubs, along with their coaches and parents, have demonstrated a real passion for Bible study. We are convinced that they have been enriched in their spiritual journey.

Get ready for the next Bible Experience!

The upcoming 2025 edition of the Bible Experience will focus on the books Romans and 
1 Corinthians.

Now is the time to start preparing, because you never know, your club could be the next winner!

Stay tuned for more details on dates and required documentation, which will be sent to you in due time.


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