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By Isabelle
Méluse Bagassien,

Edited by
Tania Assigbley


It is with great enthusiasm
that we announce the creation of the
official Facebook page of the Ministry for
. This page will keep you updated on all the activities of our
department.  The director of the
department is Elsie Collie Daley of the Fédération du Québec.

The mission of the
Children’s Ministry Department is to nurture children spiritually so that they
can serve Jesus with love.


Resource Accessibility

All resources created by the
North American Division and the Union Children’s Ministry in collaboration with
the Quebec Conference will be available here. These will be available on
specific pages according to the terms and conditions. For this purpose:

  • Some resources will be
    free and can be downloaded directly from the Facebook page,
  • Others will be accessible through links provided by the Conference du Québec.
  • Some resources will also be available for a fee on



Your input is essential

We invite you to share news
and interesting facts about your local church’s children’s ministry. Please
contact Sergena Obas, Associate Secretary for Children’s Ministries.

Please feel free to share
our publications, tell others about them, and especially comment on them. 

With your help, we’ll make
this page a place where as many people as possible can gather, learn and

You’re just a click away, so don’t wait any
! Follow us, like us, share us!